Neat modern kit by Zvezda. The model is tiny, details are crisp, and build is straightforward bar the challenge of working with such small parts. I’ve enjoyed building it a lot, much more than I expected - normally I don’t do anything modern.

Russian Destroyer “Sovremenny” (Современный).

Commissioned in 1980, this ship was the first destroyer built by USSR in 20 years. This fact is reflected in ships name - ‘Sovremenny’ means ‘modern’, ‘contemporary’. Due to lack of funds, only 5 out of 18 commissioned ships of this class are now in service.

Model quality

It’s pretty great, details are really crispy. Tiny Ka-27 helicopter is just adorable. I’ve finished the construction in just 1 week, and haven’t had any issues at all.

Build notes

Finished the assembly, ready for priming. You can spot half-painted Ka-27 helicopter.

before priming

Primed with Mr. Surfacer 1200 rattlecan.

wip 1 wip 2 wip 3

Painted with AK Interactive paints, and have to admit that I prefer Tamiya paints, they have much better adhesion and are just easier to work with. Added PE railings from Tom’s Modelworks.

painted_1 painted_2

Then I did gloss coat -> decals -> matt coat -> filters and weathering with oil paints.


Really good modern kit, very quick and easy to build, zero problems and lots of fun.

finished_1 finished_2 finished_3 finished_4 finished_5 finished_7