Italery kit from 1978, which explains strange 1/720 scale.

I’ve got Zvezda version just because it was a present. Interesting fact - Zvezda is not allowed to sell this kit outside of ex-USSR because it’s just cheaper in it’s version.

The Mighty HMS Hood

Built in 1918, the only ship in her class, this battlecruiser remained the largest and most powerful warship for 20 years. She tragically sank during the Battle of the Denmark Strait with the loss of all but 3 of her crew of 1418 men. If you want to know more, Wikipedia has a great article.

Model quality

The kit is surprisingly good given it’s age. It’s pretty detailed, and the part quality is really nice. The only thing that surprised me was total lack of decals. And unfortunately some parts had gaps due to insufficient amount of plastic put into molds during the casting. Maybe just my kit’s problems though.

Build notes

The build is quite straightforward, the only fit issue I’ve got was with lower and upper halves of the hull.

It was the first model I’ve tried Tamiya Flexible Masking Tape, and it’s a life saver for ship painting. It makes painting waterline and deck so much easier.

hood wip 1

I’ve drilled the gun barrels, and it was like the best 5 minutes spent on model. The difference is just fantastic:

hood wip 2

Also I’ve decided to use PhotoEtch for the first time. Got some Tom’s Modelworks 1/700 railings, and while using PE is far more tedious than drilling the barrels, the result is quite rewarding and brings the model to the next level.

Before and after PE railings: hood wip 3 hood wip 4

Added more PE on the superstructure, looks much better with it: hood superstructure PE

Had some spare PE inclined ladders from Tom’s Modelworks, decided to replace plastic ones after quick comparison.

PE ladders vs plastic: ladders comparison

Spent whole weekend adding PE railings, I think the result is definitely worth it.

Fully assembled model, needs only matte coat and weathering:

assembly_finished_1 assembly_finished_2 assembly_finished_3

Applied red-brown wash on the deck, rigged with EZ-line, and weathered with oil paint.


Really good model despite its age, the subject is interesting, and I learned a lot while building it. Especially I liked enhancing the look of it with PhotoEtch. While it’s definitely tedious, it’s so worth it!

finished_2 finished_3 finished_4 finished_5 finished_6 finished_7 finished_8 finished_9 finished_10 finished_11 finished_1