After I visited famous HMS Victory in Portsmouth this summer, I wanted to build something related to her.

My experience with wooden kits tells me that building the full HMS Victory model is a very big project that I’m not ready for yet, not to mention the sheer size of it. So building this kit allowed me to scratch that HMS Victory itch without spending a year on it.

English Carronade

Carronade is a short cannon that was used by the Royal Navy, and HMS Victory carries two of such cannons on her forecastle.

Model quality

To be fair I’m disappointed, especially after Master Korabel’s kits. Instructions are very imprecise, English text has some typos and is badly translated.

Planks were quite fragile, with good share of splinters, and of dubious colour. Luckily I had some wood stain to fix that.

And there was not enough 0.75mm tread in the box, I had to order some extra just to finish the model.

Build notes

It’s a very simple kit, so nothing really to write about, and I didn’t take much in-progress photos.

Here you can see fully planked part of ship’s hull, along with prepared parts of the gun carriage and the gun itself.



Despite me being unhappy about the kit quality I still like the end result, and the build was very quick and relaxing.

finished 01 finished 02 finished 03 finished 04