It’s essentially the same boat type as the one I’ve built from wood, and in same scale. This made it particularly fun to build as I was able to directly compare both builds.

Model quality

It’s very good, the wooden texture is beautifully executed, and the were no flash at all. My only tiny complaint is about seam lines, but as there were so few details it wasn’t a problem.

Build notes

Can’t say there was much of a build. The only interesting part was trying to make plastic look like wood. It was my first seriously approaching it, and after reading modelling forums I went with oils over acrylic base colour. I used Burnt Umber oil paint by Windsor&Newton, and ‘Wooden deck tan’ from Tamiya.

Here you can see unpainted plastic along with freshly painted part: wip

I’m very pleased with the result, and overall ease of this method.

In total I spent two or three very relaxed evenings on this model, including rigging.

It’s nothing compared to a full week of hard work that I spent on wooden model, and it had no rigging whatsoever.

Comparing both kits, I have to admit that for this scale (1/72) plastic works better, as details are tiny and are very hard to do in wood.

I really liked the option to set up the mast and add the ropes, as it greatly improves the look of the boat. Now I realize that I could have easily scratch built the mast for a wooden kit, but as I want to place it on a deck of St Gabriel deck-boat it would be inappropriate.


Nice little kit, nothing special but quite pleasant for build.

finished_01 finished_02 finished_03