I like the ‘year in review’ format I tried for the first time last year, so here we go again.

No point in sugarcoating it - 2022 was a terrible, terrible year, with horrible war starting in Europe. Of course this affected all parts of my life, including hobbies, as I was too depressed and anxious to bring myself back to it.

Eventually I managed (or rather forced myself) to do at least some modelling, if anything because it calms me and improves my mental health.


I finished most of the model before the war started, so it was relatively easy to force myself to finish the build (good old ‘sunken cost’ thing), despite my reinforced aversion to all things related to war, and especially Russian military.

The model itself was not bad, and Eduard PE set added quite a lot to it, along with laser etched wooden deck. I’m very proud with the result, and consider it my finest plastic ship model to date. This was reflected in a choice of display stand - wood and brass.

HMS Terror build continues

Unsurprisingly, I still didn’t finish it, but I’m getting there. All the masts and spars are ready, and thanks to the excellent book by Matthew Betts I was able to correct some of the mistakes or simplifications of the kit, like boat davits.


In whole 2022 I only barely finished one model and tinkered a bit with the other one. Shitty year in all respects, modelling included.