I can’t really help it - wooden models attract me more and more. This one is yet another tiny boat kit that I bought for like 10 Euros on my trip to Russia.

The manufacturer is Falkonet, apparently they focus on smaller stuff like boats and yachts, no tall ships in the catalog so far.

Wooden boat from year 1763

Some luxurious wooden boat from Catherine The Great era. Well, basically a typical 6-oar boat with ornaments on the side.

Model quality

Everything is laser-cut, perfect fit, comprehensible instructions - really can’t complain. Compared to previous one - wood is different, grain is less pronounced so looks better in 1/72.

Build notes

As with the previous one it took me roughly a week to build it, despite it’s small size.

Again with a tiny boat like this, instructions make you build a special internal supporting structure before installing ribs and doing planking.

Here is the picture right after I removed all of the fake supporting bulkheads and installed all of the ribs:


I had an ’extras’ Photo Etch set for the boat, so replaced crude wooden oarlocks with brass ones, and added an anchor. As usual, making 1/72 oars is a huge pain in the ass, they are extremely fragile. Luckily kit had plenty of extras.

The kit has optional masts, but no sails, and as I have no idea how to make ones I decided to postpone installing the masts till I have some experience with it.


Very enjoyable build and a good looking model, I even proudly placed it on my desk at work.

finished_01 finished_02 finished_03