Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c3

The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2 was a British single-engine tractor two-seat biplane designed and developed at the Royal Aircraft Factory. Most production aircraft were constructed under contract by various private companies, both established aircraft manufacturers and firms that had not previously built aircraft. Around 3,500 were manufactured in all.

from Wikipedia.

I picked this model on my visit to Royal Air Force Museum London. The museum is absolutely awesome, and they even have BE2b aircraft on display. I wanted to make something to remember this visit by, and this tiny cheap model was the best candidate.

Model quality

It’s great, Airfix new moulds at their best. Model is well designed, no flash, crispy details.

Build notes

Pretty much nothing to write about. Very straightforward build and I didn’t want to over-complicate it with rigging or elaborate decals.

Painted with Tamiya Wooden Deck Tan, weathering and colour modulation with oils.

base coat

For shiny metal parts I used AK Interactive True Metal paint for the first time, I liked it quite a lot. Tried to imitate wood texture with oils over acrylics, quite happy with the result.


I think it took just around a week working evenings to finish the model, it was a nice break from wooden kits. Sometimes it’s nice to build a model that doesn’t push you to the limit. Helps to brings back the joy.

finished 01 finished 02 finished 03 finished 04 finished 05