Nice little model from Battle of Britain: Ready For Battle set.

The whole kit is fantastic - it’s ’new tool’, so perfect quality and level of details. I’ve decided to start with truck just to learn how to paint vehicles and try some new techniques. It’s the first model I’ve painted after I read awesome Adam’s Armour book by Adam Wilder, so I’ve tried to apply knowledge I’ve got from the book.

The Bedford MWD truck

This 4x2 truck was a workhorse of the British army and RAF transportation for the whole WW2. More than 200 000 were produced, and it remained in service till late 1950s.

Model quality

It’s perfect. Had zero problems with the kit, you have multiple options like open/closed bonnet, with or without tent, and so forth. And the instructions are just great - everything is clear, all new parts in each step are highlighted with color.

Build notes

The build was straightforward, no fit issues at all.

I’ve started with base coat of A.MIG-044 Chipping paint, then a coat of MIG chipping fluid, and then Ammo Mig Khaki Green #3 (A.MIG-113).

Here is the model before the actual chipping:

base coat

And here it is after I’ve dampened the surface and used old paintbrush to chip the Khaki coat:

chipping 1 chipping 2

It’s my first time using chipping fluid, previous experiments with hairspray were a failure. I’m very happy with the result, looks far better than I’ve ever hoped for.

Applied decals over gloss coat:

decals 1 decals 2 decals 3

Matte coat, oil filters, then satin coat and black enamel wash:

filters_and_washes_1 filters_and_washes_7

Painted the wheels, applied Earth wash on them. As I plan to use this model in future BOB airfield diorama, I decided that it shouldn’t be too dusty and dirty, so just applied more earth wash and called it a day.


Awesome modern kit, really enjoyed building it, and Adam’s Armour book definitely helped when I got to the weathering. Looking forward to using it on a diorama with Hurricane.

finished 05 finished 07 finished 08 finished 09 finished 10 finished 13